In Petunk you’ll have fun firing three balls onto a distant target, scaring away that pesky crow, and watching out for bouncers, boosters, lions, and a host of other obstacles. Petunk features handmade artwork, over thirty levels, and its fans agree – Petunk is a five-star game!

Read the "Making of Petunk" series:
  1. Finding a game idea: the game's genesis
  2. Creating a Distinctive Look: how and why Petunk is made from construction paper
  3. Staying Motivated: how to eat a whale
  4. Creating Petunk's Artwork: the process behind the game's artwork
  5. Putting it All Together: from conception to a vertical slice
  6. Creating a Paper-like Look in Photoshop: how I sped up Petunk's art creation
  7. Crossing the Finish Line: a look back on the game's development